Traditional Worship and Word

We are excited to announce the official start of Traditional Worship and Word (TW2). 

TW2 is an opportunity to worship in an alternative format and at an alternative time while staying connected to the theme of our conventional Sunday morning worship service.

The format of TW2 is as the name suggests - traditional.  All services will use a setting as well as hymns and liturgical songs from the Lutheran Service Book.

It will be a lay led service performed by our Liturgist Mac McKoy and so will only incorporate communion with elements consecrated in advance by Pastor Luke and will not include a sermon during worship.

Following worship, however, there will be a 'Word from Mac' that will be based on the scripture selection for the weekend. While not the same as the Sunday morning sermon, it will incorporate many of the same themes and topics as our Sunday morning experience.

Whether you find this new worship option to be a convenient alternative to Sunday mornings or a welcomed opportunity to worship in a style you prefer, we hope you'll give it a try this summer and give us your feedback!