Living Faith supports several missions locally and internationally - more so than we can actually list since many are the result of individual Home Group activity. However, we tithe 10% of all general offerings to work outside our own walls. Here's a sampling of those missions we regularly support:

Kenya Missions

Joshua Christian Academy

Hope Ministries

Waukee Food Pantry

Urbandale Food Pantry


Rev Fred Reinhardt

Shara Cunningham

We also have a rapidly expanding Kenya mission that currently includes three other LCMS congregations - though we expect that number to continue to grow. Only three years ago we first answered the call to begin the work in Kenya and since then the trip has more than tripled in scope. We anticipate sending two teams for the first time in Jan and sometime in early summer of 2015. The Kenya mission should be prayerfully considered by all and has no specific qualifications to join. Everyone at Living Faith is a missionary - and some of those missionaries go to Kenya. Maybe it's you!