What is your style of worship?

Ours is a modern style of worship that is well complimented with technology and media. You'll find classic elements of worship, but the language and delivery has been updated to connect with our culture. No worries about which hymnal we use...we don't use them! There's an order of worship in the folder you receive on the way in, but everything you need in order to participate is right up there on the screens!

What should I wear?

Clothes. We do require clothes. What kind? On any given Sunday you'll see shorts and flip-flops, jeans and t-shirts, khaki's and polos and a suit and tie or two. In fact, it's not out of the question that you'll see a toddler still in p.j.'s. We're a diverse family and we rather like it that way. So - no dress code, except that you should be dressed.

Can I take Holy Communion?

I don't know, can you? We don't mean to be junior-highish about it, but at the end of the day you, alone, know what you believe and understand. So you should ask yourself - do you know what it is that's going on during Communion? Have you studied from a Biblical and Lutheran perspective? Do you believe that the Body and Blood of Jesus is really present? Do you believe that it's for the forgiveness of sins, and that you need it? How you answer those questions really determines if you should take Communion. It's a great idea to ask an elder, or the pastor, before worship for some insight. Regardless, you should know that you will not offend us if you decide not to take Communion at Living Faith. We don't want you to violate your conscience just to make us feel better!

What should I do about my screaming and crying babies?

Just sit next to the pastor's screaming and crying babies and no one will notice! Kidding aside, don't ever feel badly about a child acting up in worship. We've all been there and you'll notice that a LOT of us are still right there with you. There's only one way to teach children to worship, and that's to worship with your children. We do have a nursery if it helps with your personal sanity, but don't feel as if you need to take them out for us!