2017 Fall Classes


Sunday 8 am-9 am Classes

Sept. 17-Oct. 29

Lutheranism 101

Nov. 5- Dec. 3

Study of Amos

Dec. 10- Jan. 21

Study of Zechariah

day 8 am-9 am Classes


Sunday 10:15 am Classes

Sept. 17-Oct. 29

Gospel of Matthew

Nov. 5- Nov. 19

Smalcald Articles (Lutheran 201)

Nov. 26- Jan. 7

Law & Gospel (Lutheran 301)

Jan. 14- Jan. 21

Do Good

unday 10:15 am Classes

Wednesday 6-7 pm Class

Sept. 13-Dec. 20


Wednesdays 6-7 pm Class

Wednesday 6-8 pm Class

Nov. 8

Love Thy Neighbor

Wednesday 6-8 pm Class

Thursday 7-8 pm Class

Dec. 7-Dec. 21

Christian Living: Forgiveness, Loving the Unlovable, and the Gift of Disappointment

Thursdays 7-8 pm Class


Our Mission Statement

Living Faith is a Christian community dedicated to bringing

you home to the God you are missing, through Biblical

teaching in a relaxed setting


Course Descriptions


Love Thy Neighbor

This class is for you, if…You’re pretty sure the Bible says something about homosexuality being wrong, but your best friend is gay and it’s hard to reconcile those two things. You’re not sure if it’s right for a person to choose to identify as a different gender, but it definitely seems like something’s wrong with the way they are treated when they do. It seems obvious that we all ought to be able to make choices with our own bodies, but it does seem like abortion really complicates that idea. And as confused as you are about where you, your church, and the Bible stand on all of these things, one thing is certain - you run the risk of being demonized and called a bigot if you don’t fall in line with the mainstream position.


Cost: FREE

Registration is limited to

Grades 7-Adult

Location: Sanctuary


The Path to Membership

Part of the very DNA of Living Faith is that we want people who are new to us to feel as though they belong to our family regardless of their membership status. There is no rush to make it official! However, there is a natural progression of belonging to a church that includes that moment where people go from visiting often to feeling like Living Faith should be their church home. When that describes you, it’s time to walk the membership path! Whether you are a long time Lutheran, or have no idea what that word means, it is recommended that you attend a Lutheran 101 class. If you are unable to attend any of those classes, it is possible for you to take an online new member course. Upon completion of either path, you will be welcomed (along with other new members) on a New Member Sunday, complete with a reception in your honor, where you will get a chance to meet many leaders and laypeople of our church. Please note that all of the ministry and volunteer opportunities at Living Faith are open to you before you complete the courses, with the exception of serving as an Elder, Council member and voting in the congregational meetings (you are always welcome and encouraged to attend and offer your input).


Cost: FREE


Law and Gospel (Lutheran 301)

C.F.W. Walther’s iconic book ‘Law and Gospel’ is in reality a collection of lectures he gave (very informally) to students in the early years of the Lutheran Church in America as the first president of the seminary. These informal discussions were held with students who were studying to become pastors in this emerging German Lutheran church and they grappled with what Luther, Walther and every significant theologian has always declared to be the most difficult task of a pastor or member of a church: rightly distinguishing God’s Law from his Gospel.


Cost: $10 book fee

Location: Sanctuary


Do Good – Stewardship, Philanthropy and Missional Living

We all have the desire to do good to our neighbors, but often have this nagging feeling that we may be doing more harm than good. And the truth is that MOST charitable efforts of churches and other organizations actually do more harm than they even know! Doing good is easy in theory but incredibly hard in practice. This class will present examples of what to avoid and, far more importantly, how to think in terms of the good that we do.


Cost: $10 book fee

Location: Sanctuary


Christian Living: Forgiveness, Loving the Unlovable and the Gift of Disappointment

It might be a family member. It might be a friend. It might be a co-worker. Whoever it is, we all know someone who is really, really hard to love. Jesus commands us to love our enemies, but just because he tells us to DO it doesn’t make it easy or fun. This class will give you the Biblically based tools to manage your own stress and anxiety level when needing to engage with such people and even equip you to find love in your heart for people you just plain don’t like. This class is taught by Pastor Luke - chief of the unlovable!


Cost: FREE

Childcare: Available,

$5/child per night

Location: Sanctuary



Confirmation at Living Faith is a unique and highly customizable experience. At the core of the process are the strongly held beliefs that:

1. Faith is most effectively taught and modeled at home with parents managing their children’s discipleship,

2. Every kid is different and requires different standards and expectations,

3. Social and personal relationships with kids and adult leaders of their church are extremely beneficial for fostering the faith of  young people and

4. Service projects are especially important for young people to assist them in practicing their faith. With these things in mind, Living Faith has crafted a confirmation process that has two main components:online instruction and weekly faith formation. There is video course with questions on our online resource called the City. This course will cover in detail the components of the Small Catechism. Progress of the students will be managed by parents and, upon completion, the student is eligible to be individually confirmed on a Sunday morning of their choosing. Many students start the online coursework sometime around 6th or 7th grade, but parents are responsible to gauge how ready their child is for the coursework. There are no age restrictions. This means that Wednesday evening groups are able to focus on social and spiritual interaction more than doctrinal education. Of course, leaders will always be prepared with topical discussions on scripture and faith - but because the online instruction is the primary source for the doctrinal content of Confirmation, our Wednesday evening leaders are free to work with contemporary issues and foster relationships within the group. Finally, throughout the year there will be opportunities to join your child in serving their church and their community to put their faith into action. Age groups are: 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th-grade and 9th-12th grade. A full schedule of the classes and service projects is available in the sanctuary or on our website! All questions can be forwarded on to Pastor Luke!