Connect with Living Faith

Living Faith has many opportunities for people of all ages to connect with others.  Check out what we have to offer.

Bible Studies

Friday Noon Men's Study @church in the Fireside room (bring a lunch if you'd like!) Contact Owen Westman @ olwestman@gmail.com

Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study @church meets in a common area of Kennybrook Village retirement center in Grimes. For more information contact Roger Kennedy @ rogerinia@gmail.com

Sr. Women's Bible Study Tuesday's at 2pm at the church office. For more information contact Barb Pfaltzgraff @ barb_pf@msn.com

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Children's Church

Children's Church allows families to worship together and learn what it is to give praise to God and to receive from Him the good gifts He promises. It also gives parents a chance to hear the sermon with less distraction.

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Confirmation at Living Faith begins as early as 3rd grade! But never fear - it is a dynamic and personalized process that begins whenever your child is ready, and kids can jump in at any time! Parents are involved once a month on Wednesday nights and manage the online education piece when they feel their child is ready. Contact the church office for more information!

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Home Group

Home Groups are where we 'do life together.' They meet at various times and in varying frequencies with enough variety that anyone can find a group with which to connect. Home Groups choose their own studies and often use curriculum from the incredible resource rightnow.org.

How Do I Find a Home Group?

There are a few different ways to connect.

The City

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Home Room

Home Room isn't adult Bible Study in the classic sense. There's plenty of Bible and plenty of study, but it's a unique format that involves large group presentation and small group discussion. Pastor Luke teaches on a topics foundational to our church and what we believe. That teaching is discussed in smaller groups. Don't worry about trying to find a group to 'break into' - the groups are new every week!

There is a high-school aged group that meets for discussion time led by our youth volunteers. That group will not be mixed up with other adults!

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Living Faith's 'The City'

The City is an online community made up of the Living Faith family and parents of our Little Friends pre-school. We use the city for announcements, group organization, event planning and contact information - and even delivering teaching content. The City does a lot of things!

But it isn't something you can search on the internet or access without an account. You don't have to be a member to go on The City, but you do need to have some sort of connection with us.

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